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Mission statement  - The discovery of a world class quantity of oil in Guyana waters will lead to an influx of new businesses in Guyana. GOGCO aims to offer a wide range of services in Guyana for local and International persons and businesses who wish to be a part of this exciting future filled with lots of opportunities. 

The Principal parties are Mr Fareed Amin, Ms Jamela A. Ali and Mr Marc Kersting.


. Contact:

Guyana Oil and Gas Guyana:

Address: 78 Hadfield & Breda Streets, Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

Telephone: +592 225 4712 / +592 618 8283


Canada Oil and GasCanada:

53 Point Rouge Trail, Toronto M1X 1V2. Canada.

Telephone: 647 963 8757 / 416 208 0158

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